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Don't ever pay in cash/Inspect...

By: tbwj780 | April 1, 2017

Mr. Roth was polite and came to my home when he said he would. I paid $600.00 (half before/half after) for a repair of a very large hole in kitchen wall and restoration of bookcase above hole. I offered some wood for him to use for the job. I then made the enormous mistake of paying before looking closely at the job. The wall repair is visibly uneven - the wall will need additional sanding and more stucco (?) material to fill in gaps. The shelves are not level and are not sturdy enough to hold books, etc. These flaws have been confirmed by 2 home improvement experts. Mr. Roth stated he would come back. He then texted that his truck was broken down. When I contacted him again, he said he was out of town for 2 weeks. I texted him last week and now he is not responding. This is holding up other work being done in the kitchen. I would like him to return and repair the work.
He has great reviews on home advisor - Too bad he is not a man of his word.

Bathroom Renovations

By: non-member | December 2, 2016

Scott has done 2 full bathroom renovations for us. He does amazing work and is not phased by problems he encounters along the way - like non-square corners and uneven walls. He is meticulous with his finishes. He tackles electrical, plumbing and carpentry jobs with no hesitation. We recommend Scott to our family and friends.

Outside Railing on one side of the...

By: non-member | November 29, 2016

I called Handyman as I have heard of them for years but have never used them before.nI live in a condo so there are certain rules to be followed.nI got in contact with them (Handyman) and they put me through to Larry Strawson, I told him what was wanted and needed.nHe had a lot of looking around to do but got the job done and I am very satisfied with his service.nHe is a vey pleasant person and does a very good job!n nIf I ever need Handyman again I will ask for Larryn n Thank you very much nn Susan M. Sande 82 Willowdale Place Edmonton

I would recommend this company.

By: KristinMedica | April 8, 2016

My name is Kristin Medica, I live in Hillsboro Oregon. I am writing a positive review for PDX Homecare for their amazing customer service and excellent craftsmanship on my home. They completed interior painting of my home, replacement of trim, installed three windows, put down hardwood flooring on my ground floor, renovated my children's playroom, repaired all the walls and matched the texture, replaced light fixtures and faucets throughout the house, re-enameled my kitchen sink, replaced my garbage disposal and dishwasher, put a new roof on my single level garage, completely landscaped our front yard and hauled away all the debris, trimmed the trees and built us a new fence. We had them tile our whole bathroom and shower and it looks amazing. We had them do a few other things as well. We're definitely going to have PDX HOME CARE back to our home to complete more work.

When I first started my venture to l find a handyman that could constantly help me out with...



By: hreyna06 | March 31, 2016

We, needed a plumber, ASAP! I looked through the Yellow pages, contacted a few people. Manukea, was the only one that responded that day. I setup an appointment with him the next day. Manukea, was on time. I showed him where the leak was him pinpointed the problem. He, gave me a quote, a very reasonable quote. Got, right on it.
When he was done, we did a walk through the house. He, noticed a couple of more problems that needed to be fix, gave me a quote for all 3, jobs and he got the work done! Thanks, Manukea!
The, next time we had a major leaked at the residence. We, noticed water leaking from the celing. We, called Manukea, in the middle of the night. He, came right away. He, gave us a quote, did what he could at that time. Came right back in the morning, finished the job. Great, work Manukea!!!

I, personally recommend Manukea, for any job that need to be done in your home.
Don't, hesitate to give Manukea a call he is your man to do it right!

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